LexveT B1 Cool Mix

LexveT B1 Cool Mix - For nervous or excitable horses

Distinguished by its blue and black bag, LexveT B1 Cool Mix is the supplement we recommend for nervous or excitable horses. A complete supplement in its own right; as well as sharing the main ingredients of its stable mate Lexvet Mineral Mix, you may find yourself pondering the difference between the two products? Containing extra Magnesium and Vitamin B1, two nutritional elements that assist in the normal nervous system function of horses, this product has garnered a loyal following.

Where a nutritional issue exists that could be leading to nervousness or excitability, this product could potentially help. The best way for you to assess how it may help is to first of all get your hands on some LexveT B1 Cool Mix. Keep your eye out for it at shows in it's little sample pots, 5kg bucket at your local feed store, or alternatively, purchase some online Once you have access to our product, we recommend feeding it in the evening and taking your horse out the next day to gauge its effect. The results might just surprise you.

Containing only straight forward vitamins and minerals, this product is safe and legal to use in competition. This product will not dull your horse's alertness or make them drowsy. It is important to note that this product is not intended to be replacement for good horsemanship and should never be treated as such, rather it can be used as an aid to assist in establishing good riding techniques and habits.

We do recommend that this product is fed as part of a daily feeding program to keep ensure that your horse is receiving the recommended dosage on any given day. This is in contrast to LexveT Mineral Mix that can be fed as a loose lick and self dosed.

Both LexveT B1 Cool Mix and LexveT Mineral Mix are designed to be fed as part of a balanced diet.

Access to as much as roughage as your horse wants to eat is at the top of the priority list, even above feeding our supplements! Horses evolved consuming vast amounts of roughage and as such, have come to rely on it for proper digestive function.

Next on the list is feeding a good quality nutritional supplement, by ensuring adequate supplementation is available, a horse can become even more efficient at absorbing and utilising nutritional elements in the feeds they are already receiving.

Finally, protein and energy requirements. We put these two very important elements last because generally speaking, most horses are receiving plenty of energy and protein, it can be said in some cases that they are being overcatered for! As a general rule of thumb, protein and energy demands tend to increase quite markedly with the onset of exercise, so unless your paddocks are straw, paddock dwellers tend to be ok in this respect. Of course there is nothing wrong with giving them a handful of chaff to stay in your horse's good books! A wetted down handful of chaff and some LexveT is a good way to supplement them too.

LexveT B1 Cool Mix was is designed to be fed to the horse that might be a bit nervous or excitable brought on by nutritional imbalance. If you don't feel your horse needs to be any more calm, or if you would like to maintain the excitement in your life, you might find that LexveT Mineral Mix will be more suited to your needs.

Dosage rates and composition of LexveT B1 Cool Mix are listed below:

Recommended Dosages
Pony (<14hh) Cob (14-15hh) Horse (>15hh)
- In Foal
- Lactating
Growing horses
(up to 3 years)  
Consider heights in dosage column to be finished growing heights.
Light Work
Retired, Spelling, Pleasure
eg. <3 days of work p/week
Moderate Work   Dressage, Jumping, Western eg. Horses in work 3 - 5 days per week
Hard Work
Eventing, Polo, Endurance eg. Horses in work 4 - 7 days per week
(Spelling & in Training)

Dosages are scoops per day that may be split between two feeds.
The scoop contains approximately 70g and is included in the bag / bucket.
LexveT B1 Cool Mix can be introduced at full dose.
Miniatures – dose as per a cob and use a teaspoon instead of a scoop.

Calcium 118g
Phosphorus 74g
Magnesium 82g
Sodium 75g
Potassium 29g
Chloride 118g
Zinc 2020mg
Copper 795mg
Iron (ferrous) 1565mg
Manganese 978mg
Cobalt 7mg
Selenium 8mg
Iodine 4mg
Vitamin A 250,000IU
Vitamin E 1875mg
Vitamin B1 1225mg
Folic Acid 100mg
Ash 75%
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